My name is R.M. Snufflemuffin, and I make stuff


One of the things I am most passionate about in life is helping people. Helping them feel special, loved, empowered to live amazing lives, and to recognize that they can consciously create themselves as the greatest masterpiece they’ll ever make. What you’ll find on my website are products and other cute things that remind us to love ourselves, follow our dreams, and push through the obstacles that we all encounter. This work stems from a deep desire to create beauty, bring delight into the world, and ooze well-crafted cuteness.

This is a new website, but you’ll soon be seeing creative projects, news about books that I’m working on, animated videos featuring my characters, and even more lovely products like the ones currently on display. 

The things I believe in most are myself, you, and that we can all do things that push our collective human-evolution-needle toward “AWESOME!!!!!!” and keep it there. Come along with me on this adventure. I promise we’ll go awesome places.

I live in beautiful Portland, Oregon with my cat Pickles McSquisherfish, and I love coffee, chocolate, hugs, grass-fed butter, and more coffee. Follow me on Instagram!